genius loves company.

i came across this quote from fellow genius miss jack davey, one-half of my current musical obsession, j*davey.

can ur feelings be wrong ?
hypothetically speaking , when u break up with someone for ur own personal reasons (the “it’s not u , it’s me” thing without being so situation comedy abt it) & they tell u that “ur reasons are bullshit” , is that even possible ? how & where do u find the nerve to call someone else’s personal emotional consciousness “bullshit” ? i guess when ur the one doing the breaking up ur automatically the bad guy . dragged thru the proverbial mud by the person who called ur honesty & ur feelings “bullshit” . just wondering , cuz maybe i missed something . i was told to never apologize for how i feel . but um , thank god this is only hypothetical…

spotted on her blog:

this spoke to me in ways i’m sure she’ll never know. how unfortunate that when that “it’s not you, its me” scenario comes to life, sincerity is poorly received and often met with a strong, heartfelt FUCK YOU!

le sigh.

on another note, if you’re not up on j*davey, you probably  weren’t supposed to be born.

Check them out:

J*Davey on Imeem

J*Davey on myspace

J*Davey dot com



4 responses to “genius loves company.

  1. It's Bre'ana, Bitch

    You know I love you for posting J*Davey, right?

  2. Hey i was just listenin to JDavey today thinkin ‘i need to put this on another CD before it gets all scratched.’

    because i’m too broke for the iPod.

  3. the latter rings true…Don’t ever apologize for how you feel. I mean that shit!

  4. well i was bored enough to read…and yes to comment. People who say fuck you…are immature. they need to say that so you’ll hurt as much as them which never works. I perfer to just say Fuckit versus Fuck you and just walk away. Break ups really dont have to be half as emotional as people make them…its not like you DONT know they are coming…there are signs.

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