shug avery pee.

it’s 6:08.


 do you know where you children are?

that damn picture could dry up the wettest vagina in the world. that man, R. Kelly the teenage rapist, makes me want to fuck a girl. it’s THAT serious. i just don’t see what any woman sees in that slob of a man. his photo and sex tape should be shown during sex education classes…as a reason for abstinence…and what COULD happen to fast ass teenage girls. (vomit sound)


sigh. just felt like putting that out into the universe. i feel much better now. thank you kyoko.

oh well. off to roam union square.



4 responses to “shug avery pee.

  1. You’re right. My vagina dried up as soon as I saw that pic AND that belt buckle.

  2. Ew! What the fuck?! He really looks like he’s about to vogue up something fierce. What the fuck is he supposed to be? Lookin’ like a California Raisin.

    BTW- I linked you from my page. This page is too funny to pass up! LOL ❤

  3. Motherfuckin' Malca

    lmao! california raisin is the first thing i thought too. that’s just awful!

  4. diamond crusted tongue.
    chlamydia crusted dick.
    that is all.

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