a walk down memory lane…to the toilet.

so…last night, andre and i spent the evening looking at ooooooold dance videos. i found a tape of gruvment’s first competition from 43 years ago.


though we were untrained, we were insanely precise and…”together”. i’m sure rehearsing 9 days a week had something to do with it. we were 15-17 at the time, and rehearsed in school hallways, mall parking lots, crosswalks, school auditoriums, exercise rooms, back yards, kitchens, garages, cramped dens, food courts, emergency rooms, and abortion clinics. ANYWHERE. at the time, we didn’t think we’d need jazz and ballet training to be successful…we thought our love for dance would be enough to help us make it. like uninformed kids today, we thought that we could take a few classes and end up on stage with janet. ha!

 i also found random rehearsal videos, where i worked on bits of incomplete choreography. observing my creative process from two to three years ago is quite inspiring. then, my focus was unmatched. my dedication unwavering. i hadn’t been exposed to the real world of dancing and was still fearless; enviably confident in my ability. oh, to be young again.

…the memories are countless. and old videos are VERY humbling. inded. but what’s important is what i did AFTER we watched these videos. after taking a trip to mcdonalds for some good ol’ nuggets ‘n fries, alex spent the night vomiting up pink, uncooked “chicken”. GOOD FUCKIN’ TIMES. shout out to De’quandelay-Na’Shaw’n who did his thing on the deep fryer. YOU, sir, are yet another demonstration of my pro-abortion stance. fuck you very much.

ck comes into town tomorrow. dance. tours of the city. club. good times.

off to have a semi-produtive day before work.




One response to “a walk down memory lane…to the toilet.

  1. Ahhh I remember those good ole days…when I actually had time to dance. LOL

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