randomness #43

realization: since moving to new york, choreography “comes” to me most frequently on the train. i’ve noticed that i am able to focus more while blasting music, blocking out bums, black kids, and bad weaves that were sent to destroy my soul (the devil is alive!…anyway…). i’ve overcome my self-proclaimed “choreography block” and opened the floodgates. today, i went into the studio with andre…and he learned what i’m working on for one of my favorite songs of the moment, madonna’s “4 minutes” featuring justin timberlake. good times. twas VERY productive and i’m really excited to get a few dancers on board and film the routine. i should be able to have video online shortly. still exploring the endless possibilities for angles, positioning, lighting, etc. again…all VERY exciting. in addition to this song, there are about 5 others that i’m dying to choreograph and film. biggest forseeable challenge: male dancers. boo. i’ll cross that bridge when i get there….for now? off to read and workout. more to come…..


One response to “randomness #43

  1. You know I’d be ready to learn it if I were up there. Can’t wait to see the video!

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