…things that make me smile.

even while getting high on roach spray and embalming fluid, whitney was able to clearly assess the situation: the children ARE our future. despite my burning desire to drop kick horrible ass colored children from the bronx who infiltrate the subways into manhattan or the teenage dope fiends in my building, there ARE brilliant, well-taught chilluns in the world with good taste.

want proof??


There was one arrest at the latest Soulja Boy concert at U.S. Cellular Coliseum. A 12 year-old boy was taken into custody Wednesday night for throwing a rock through the windshield of Soulja Boy’s bus. Why? The kid told arresting officers, “I hate Soulja Boy.” Bloomington police used a supervisor and five officers on overtime to provide security for the hip hop concert.

(does the butterfly with one leg and the moonwalk with the other)

ahhhhh! now if THAT doesn’t turn you on, you might be dead from the waist down.

yes, virgin child. i, too, HATE SOULJA BOY. i am about as fond of him as usher is of a nice clean cooch. probably more. lordie, if he only know the warmth brought to my heart knowing that such a young, impressionable mind was able to to hop off the damn Coontown Express and shot put that hoe. bravo niglet, bravo!! i think i shall take that boy to the gun range and show him how to zero in on that ebonics spoutin’, book-avoiding coontastic ass preschool dropout.

(seven dollars, though? really?)

coon one, coon all! ole! 


3 responses to “…things that make me smile.

  1. K.ng S.g.tt.r..s

    Lawdie @ that bottom pic of Mini-Souljette (is that a girl? I hope so)

  2. This gives me hope for the future.

  3. oh god they didn’t put eyebrow slits in that baby.

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