union square.

it cant be more than fifty degrees where im standing, here on the north side of union square. directly facing Barnes and nobles. (yes, plural, with an S on the end, like Erin insists on saying.) im waiting on him. he just left his apartment and should arrive in “fifteen minutes. times two.” to my left, an interracial couple fights bitterly: a slim but muscled, grossly unattractive black man and a wide-hipped dominican/mexican/puerto rican broad. fighting. intensely.

between puffs on what i assume is a newport, she questions: “now WHO is spiteful? I wish you would kick us the fuck out on the street so i could hand those motherfuckers over to child protective services. JUST so you couldnt see them. MOTHERFUCKER! ”

he threatens to “bash [her] fat face.” i make up a million scenarios that could have led to this. less than 25 feet away, a toddler guards his infant sister as she screams for god knows what in her stroller…sans hat, socks, shoes. conversely, her blanket rests peacefully in a puddle at the toddlers feet. i tell myself that the screaming infant kicked it off of herself. thats what happened. the toddler appears confused. they both look cold. a passerby stops and asks me if i “own those kids.” i point at the interracial couple. the unnattractive black man fesses up: “miss. those is my kids! lemme tell u bout their fat, horrible mother.” the passerby is involed now. …good…? madonna and i walk away as she tells someone to take a bow. And i continue to wait for him…


One response to “union square.

  1. wtf?! Madonna? Ohhh, I’m guessing she was on the ipod.

    I. Love. that. song!

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