today, while riding the A train into manhattan, before transferring at columbus circle to the 1 train, i was bombarded with choreography…in my head. soundtrack: “this one!” by j’davey. this song honestly gives me night terrors. and that’s a good thing. showed the basic idea and “feeling” of this piece to jeanette, irwin, dre, and erin over the weekend…and twas received well. i’m excited. everytime i press play, the visuals keep coming. i’m in love with jack davey and brook d’leau. they make my dick drip. THAT is a good thing too.

god bless j’davey.

and i filed my taxes. uncle same: i don’t owe you SHIT.

chris.alexander + wretched ass tax return = new laptop. hip hop hooray.

….i just wanna go outside and listen TO the music that these pretty little people make…people make…

time to beautificate this hair. laterz.


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