a call to action.

hello fam.

i just got in from an unsually stressful, yet unlucrative shift at work. snooty guests. obnoxious corporate protocol. infectious stupidity among coworkers. unwanted sexual advances from the feminine muscular boy. dumb shit. i come home, expecting to relax and take my mind off the day, chill in my room, safe from retards and fuckfaces.

apparently that is too much to ask.

first of all, i walk in to find my weedhead ass roommate (and his weedhead friends) lounging around, sipping ghettojuice, and listening to bad music….

not USHER bad music or AKON bad music….but…


like…”my neck, my back” khia.

the same khia that is three and a half rungs below trina on the talentless, gutterbutt ass hoodrat female rapper scale.

the khia who’s ancestry received scraps during the process of evolution.

this underservingly confident, softball-nippled nubian gutter-bred goddess:




nope. still there.

anywho, THAT was not the purpose of this post.

i write to you all with a heavy heart. i received some news that has miss sofia and i feelin’ mighty down. [slave voice] i’se feelin miiiiiighty low. [/slave voice] once again, a mindless, wealthy jigaboo has duped a chain of fools and been acquitted of a vile, horrible crime which he definitely did commit.

if you’ve been living under a rock (or the Bronx) i’ll lay it on you real easy-like:

this man:

robert kelly, the virgin pussy crook

has been found NOT GUILTY of 7 of 14 charges of videotaping himself having sex with an underage girl.

let that sink in for a minute.

the jurors were charged with deciding whether they believed the creep in the video was R. Kelly. the defense used EVERY low down, dirty, half-assed excuse and gamble from every bad movie to spare this guilty coon. several days of testimony were spent debating over a mole that may or may not have appeared on the back gentleman in the video. next, said mole apparently changes positions on his back.

then, these grown, college-educated, salaried “lawyers” claimed that robert’s wretched face was “imposed onto the head of the body using technology similar to that used in the movie little man.”

THIS movie??


that’s your defense, robert?

i hang my head in shame. sadly, i’m not surprised though. yet another deseprate black man, reaching to the heavens for an exit to this shitty predicament. what does surprise me is the half decade that’s passed between indictment and this circus. apparently, the “victim” wouldn’t testify, greatly damaging the prosecution’s case.


now. i know i’m not the only pervert who’s seen that goddamn video of robert losing his religion inside that lil girl’s coochie. don’t lie dammit. i seentchu watchin! helen keller could see that robert is the jerk in the video. what more proof did they need?

i’m just confused by it all. robert. orenthal. both guilty as fuck. two guilty, free jerks.


as my Uncle Ruckus would say:

i vote to bring back lynching in these cases. rid society of two sick ass, scatter-brained, white woman-murdering, teenage vagina-loving, aging embarassments to the race.



maybe it’s a cry for help…?

yes. that’s it. is THAT the face of sanity? would a level-headed, straight-thinking person do that to themselves?

fuck no.
clearly, this man is not alright. he doesn’t “need some prayer” or a break or sympathy or his freedom. he’s not “a little touched” or going through some “little issues” as i’ve heard ignorant negroids claim.

let’s not mince words. don’t minimize what has proven to be a BIG problem for this beast. there’s nothing little about this issue. robert kelly is great-wall-of-china crazy. latoya jackson crazy. crazy in the name of grace jones and old dirty bastard.

and needs to be destroyed.

Robert, you should quit life.

i humbly ask you, intelligent human being, that if you see him, or have any connection to anyone with “capabilities”….do the following:

1. find him.
2. lure him with the promise of virgin pussy.
3. trap him.
4. castrate him.

5. and beat him to death with a bag of broken ashanti cd’s.

that’s not so hard, right?

besides, what are friends for?

you will be smiled upon come judgement day, i promise.

i’m off to join the KKK.

goodnite comrades.


President, Robert Kelly Death Squad


5 responses to “a call to action.

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I know this is serious biz, but that picture of Khia always kills me dead. WHERE IS SHE? Is that a cafeteria? DEAD.

    And I am all down for the Robert Kelly Death Squad. Tell me when and where.

  2. im down with the r. kelly death squad, and the dumb people that support him to this day, i always get pissed because the same black people that love r kelly talked shit about mj and there is a damn video of r kelly doing the acts i dont get it, pisses me off

  3. You crack me the fuck up. lmao

    Off with his penis!!!

  4. I threw up in my mouth when I saw that picture of Khia. Lord Jesus!

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