seen in manhattan.

while walking in manhattan with dre and irwin the other day i spotted something that spoke to my me, intensely. and it inspired me to write a beautiful piece to show the raw emotion that the subject of this photo stirs within my soul.

here it goes:

girl, i hate you.

the end.


4 responses to “seen in manhattan.

  1. I can’t see the pic, but I assumed it was Ashanti until I saw the tags. Still, LMAO!!!!!

    Will you forgive me for kinda liking the ‘new’ Ashanti?

  2. I saw the pic. It showed up in my email. I used to love Mimi…I did. But her shenanigans of late have completely turned me off. I will never buy another of her CD’s. She is 53 years-old, running around like she’s 15. Hoe. Sit. Down.

  3. Where did you see this?! hahaha.

  4. walking near union square…on the window in some photog shop. boo.

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