folks. knifes. spunes.

….day 4 of the US Open complete. my body hates me. i imagine that by sunday, i’ll be an actual zombie. had a rough, yet lucrative day….including serving guests from the southeastern region of Hell. long story. later for that…

before i cheat myself with 4.5 hours of sleep I must give thanks to Pops, the irate dishwasher, who screamed and caused countless scenes when ANYONE (managers included) tossed dirty silverware in the wrong bins, which he had conveniently labeled as FOLKS, KNIFES, and SPUNES, respectively. and i love him for that. that damn old man and his constant reminders that “[he] just CLEANT a whole burnch of damn glasses. and [we] is using them too damn fast,” MADE my fothermucking day.¬† forreal forreal. thanks old man.
good night.


One response to “folks. knifes. spunes.

  1. I am loving this lil’ blog series you have going on here. Smack Pops on the booty for me. I got a crush on him.

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