i write to you from the third floor of the Park Inn and Suites in Vancouver, BC, Canada. after the longest day in history (cancelled flights, storm delays, tacky red pantsuits, huge, lopsided breasts and so forth), my crew and i are about to hit the bed to get ready for Opening Night tomorrow.

we are about to witness the opening night of Mother Jackson’s Rock Witchu Tour…and it all seems surreal even after stopping by the venue to hear her inside rehearsing. to my delight, she is performing one of my favorite songs by her…from Velvet Rope. you’ll have to wait until later to find out which. we only stuck around for about 20 minutes…and the bitch is not playing around with the kids this time. this is so significant for me because i’ve met many of the people I love and hold dear either at or as a result of Janet Jackson concerts.


come to find out, one of the fans we JUST saw standing outside texted the entire setlist to an eager fan/friend of his in the states…and…now, the actual setlist is posted on a forum. which…was bound to happen sooner or later. it finally puts to rest all the dozens of bogus, ridiculous lists floating around….but since i flew across the universe, been sent to hell and back physically…walked across town to the venue…and this jerk wants to tell the world what they will eventually find out tomorrow….it kinda annoys the fuck out of me. oh well.

off to bed.

tomorrow is the big damn day. or…today, rather. time differences? yes. today, then. i’m all fucked up now.


(full, detailed rundown to come later….)


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