that’s somebody’s dad.

yesterday on the way home from work, I saw a forty-something man “crankin dat soulja boy” on the train platform as a group of colorfully dressed “cool kids” laughed. the man wore a pair of “Grant Hills”, made by Fila after Grant’s success with the 1996 Olympic Dream Team. in 2008.

the same pair I outgrew in the sixth grade. In 1996. i don’t think he was homeless. just stupid.

Anyway, it made me sad.

For him.

The end.


4 responses to “that’s somebody’s dad.

  1. Did he wear a jogging suit too?

  2. Living in an urban area is the best entertainment on Earth. That’s why I never go to the movies. I can just ride Metro or better yet…sit on my front stoop.

  3. Where do you find Fila in 08?? I mean really??

  4. wow. My Jonathan had a pair of those when he was a baby.

    He’ll be 11 in December. Crank Dat.

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