colored boy fool of the day.

the world knows my feelings on colored girls and their hair choices…..

literally 15 minutes ago on Court Street in Brooklyn:

1. homegirl was about the same color as the brother to her right.

2. she had the longest eye lashes ever in life.

3. from the side, you can see at least 2-3 inches of her natural black hair in front of the wig.

ahh yes. THIS is the amazing black woman that my coworker attempted to convince me i’m missing out on. makes perfect sense, now.


3 responses to “colored boy fool of the day.

  1. See?? This is a complete mess. There ARE some of us colored folks with sense, ya know? Don’t let the foolish tenth turn you off,

  2. I swear she looks just like a muppet from the back. Like…a muppet on crack.

  3. @PBG,like the gil muppet inthe muppet band with animal and ‘nem….

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