next time you decide to stare at a crazy person…

…be cautious. She just may stare back.

Today, while journeying on the 4 train deep into the jungle of Brooklyn (drowning the world out with Jazmine Sullivan in my ears) a girl gets up from in front of me and moves down to my right. I noticed all heads turn toward the end of the subway car.

I removed my headphones.

“….so I figured I would move down here so you could get a closer look.”

Oh hell.

Apparently, homegirl did not enjoy the attention and judgemental glances from the Celie lookalike across from her.

“…I’m sayin! Do we know eachuva!? Did we grow up togeva!? Why you starin at me like dat, son?”

Note: Here in New York, even girls commonly refer to one another as “son”. I’ve even seen hood dudes greet hood dudettes with, “Yo, son…” I just find that interesting. Anywho…

“You like what you see, dontchu!? Damn!! Even after I did mah nine hours on wall street I can still get attention from raggedy broads like you.”

…And….silence from the other, dumbfounded girl who was probably commenting (to herself, of course) on how crazy this broad looked (muffintop, anyone?). I sensed that they were silently in the midst of a “most inappropriately-sized shirt” competition unbeknownst to me. It was safe to say the mute chick looked just as crazy as Motormouth Maybelle across the way, but, sadly for her, wasn’t as confrontational.

Mind you I was on the 4 train heading to Crown Heights, so of course these weren’t regular ass clashing black girls. These were two Brooklyn BajanJamaicaTriniHatian girls. So…at any moment either of them could have pulled out a shank made from a sharpened curry chicken bone and nobody would have blinked twice.

Mute chick tried to give off the “Girl, I’m SO unaffected by you” vibe, but failed. She began to glisten with sweat. Kept opening her mouth to speak but would always wave her hand as if to say, “You ain’t even worth it.”

But she remained silent. But now with a stupid ass grin that said, “I’m a little nervous and don’t know what to do.”

Motormouth kept talking: “I mean…I NEVA got dat kinda attention from a female. What you want from me?!” and so on. And so on and so on.

She kept talking about how surprised she was by the attention even after the Celie lookalike got up and exited the train.

“Hey miss….”

A woman looks up at her.

“Did you see that!?!? I NEVA got that kinda attention from a woman befo. Oh mah god! Even after a nine hour shift! ”

Then…a guy she was riding with said, “it wasn’t even really that deep. Shut the fuck up.”

And she did.

“I’m sayin, it was rude….Dass all.”

And that was the end of that.


3 responses to “next time you decide to stare at a crazy person…

  1. A shank made from a sharpened curry chicken bone???

    Are you tryna give your Auntie a case of adult on-set asthma?? ROTFLMBAO!!!

    That was the funniest shyt I’ve read all week! Oh how I love you so…

  2. LOL @ the random dude that checked her on some out of the woodworks shyt with, ““it wasn’t even really that deep. Shut the fuck up.””

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha. That was great. LMAO!

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