“you know who you look like?”


En route to work today, while listening to my ipod (who I’ve named “Damita”), trying to remember all the choreo I learned in this week’s classes, I noticed an Island woman glancing in my direction.

I brushed it off, concluding she must be overwhelmed by my beauty. No big deal, right? So she kept looking, and finally signaled for me to remove my headphones. Okay fine. She had beautiful locs, so I obliged.

“You know who you look like?”

Oh fuck. My stomach tightened.

“You…look a little like Spike Lee.”

Aww shit.

Again? The damn Spike Lee comparisons…in 2009? Still?

Apparently, something about me resembles the brilliant filmmaker.

“Something in your eyes…your face. You could be a close relative.”

I’m thinking: “Girl, you’re pushing it.”

I dropped my head, sighed and offered, “…maybe the glasses…?”

“No…more than that. Are you sure you’re not rela…”

I smiled and re-inserted my headphones. Girl, bye.

Thinking back, she’s probably the 6th or 7th person since I’ve been in New York to draw this comparison. And…I just don’t see it. So…if any of you can locate “proof” of any alleged similarities, I’ll take it under consideration.

Until then, I stick with my original conclusion: it’s a consipiracy.



6 responses to ““you know who you look like?”


  2. I said the same thing before I met you…then when I did, I was like, “mmhmm, yep”. It’s the eyes PLUS the glasses. You’ve got sleepy-ish eyes like his, then youturn around and make it that much more Spike-like with the glasses. 🙂

    Just sayin I agree. Don’t be offended…

  3. Yeah you look like you could be his 3rd cousin on his mama’s side neighbor’s god sisters pastors son. It’s in the eyes & shit

  4. you look like dude, stop it…accept it…lol…I keep getting the “jazmine sullivan” look a like queries…

  5. you won’t like this — you do look like Spike. That isn’t a horrible thing.

  6. LOL! You should appreciate it. I don’t look like anyone famous except maybe those troll dolls with the f-ed up hair, in the morning.

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