holy skid marks!

first and foremost, the massive, ever-expanding, extensive team over here at coloredboy (read: me, myself, and i) would like to thank you for your support and repeat visits to this space inside my mind. i hope i haven’t bored or offended you…yet (it’s bound to happen!). if you like what you’ve read and seen thus far, you now have several ways to stay in the know.

out of the goodness of my heart, i’m providing you with a slew (three!) of subscription options to ensure that you and me, us never part.

1. Email (Feedburner)

I use feedburner to follow about a dozen sites and blogs that I love. You can use this to follow ANY website (not just blogs). All you have to do is input your email address at the link below. Jesus juice for everyone!

Subscribe to coloredboy[dot]wordpress[dot]com by Email

2. RSS Feed

You may also grab the subscription in your favorite RSS feed reader.

Subscribe in a reader

3. Bookmark me

<mission one> look down at your keyboard right now.

<mission two> in the lower left corner, you shall spy with your good eye a littble button that says CTRL (short for CONTROL – as in, the name of Janet Jackson’s third album but whatever…). press and hold this button with your left pinky finger (if you have one).

<mission three> right above the long, horizontal key, you shall spy the letter B (as in BASHING ashanti in the face with a rock is what my wet dreams consist of). press this key while holding the CTRL button.

SHIZZAM! a box magically appears from internet land giving you the option to add me to your favorites. i am forever two clicks away.

or…just press Control + B.

OR (if you REALLY love you some Alex) save me as your homepage so i’m the first thing you seen when you open your browser. sidenote: i’ve just confirmed that this option is certain to get you into heaven. real talk.

Okay, there you have it: three (and a half) ways to make sure that we stay joined at the hip. from now until forever, when i update the site, you’ll get a little tingling sensation in your pants. yay! everbody wins! i promise to educate and entertain you daily…and to uphold the code of the Anti-Ashanti Fanclub (Chapter 187).

thanks again.

-colored boy.


3 responses to “subscribe!

  1. So, uh…what you want me to do?

  2. dont ever wonder…KNOW that i love me some you.

  3. Okay…so you know this place is hella “involved” and its gonna take me a minute to figure this ish out…but I’m hea’…thank god…i’m hea’

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